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Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to
And love leaves exactly when love must

When love arrives say,

“Welcome, make yourself comfortable”

If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her

Turn off the music, listen to the quiet


“Thank you for stopping by”


That  was a quote from one of my fave poem, “When Love Arrives” by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye. It’s about what, when, who, why and how love grew. How we perceived love when we were in junior high school, while we were becoming, adulthood, marriage, even divorce, and when we grew old. Love comes and goes.

I might not remember my first crush face, but the feeling vaguely remain.

I surely remember my first broken heartache, how I cried for days, screaming how unfair life was

I remember my first love; at first sight in the afternoon I fall. Hard. And kept falling.

In my eyes he was a perfection.

The giddiness. The butterfly. The nervousness.

His smile. His laughter. Him

-mylunar 02.05.16-






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Spoken Word Poetry

Lately I’ve been listening poetry reading. And one of the poem struck me straight into my soul. It’s not only the powerful message the poem was written, but also the magnificent performance by the poet. Her voice was strong. Perfect pitch. Perfect tone. Simply perfect.

Unsolicited Advice to Adolescent Girls with Crooked Teeth and Pink Hair
By Jeanann Verlee

When your mother hits you, do not strike back.
When the boys call asking your cup size, say A, hang up.
When he says you gave him blue balls, say you’re welcome.
When a girl with thick black curls who smells like bubble gum stops you in a stairwell to ask if you’re a boy, explain that you keep your hair short so she won’t have anything to grab when you head-butt her.
Then head-butt her.
When a guidance counselor teases you for handed-down jeans, do not turn red.
When you have sex for the second time and there is no condom, do not convince yourself that screwing between layers of underwear will soak up the semen.
When your geometry teacher posts a banner reading: “Learn math or go home and learn how to be a Momma,” do not take your first feminist stand by leaving the classroom.
When the boy you have a crush on is sent to detention, go home.
When your mother hits you, do not strike back.
When the boy with the blue mohawk swallows your heart and opens his wrists, hide the knives, bleach the bathtub, pour out the vodka. Every time.
When the skinhead girls jump you in a bathroom stall, swing, curse, kick, do not turn red.
When a boy you think you love delivers the first black eye, use a screw driver, a beer bottle, your two good hands.
When your father locks the door, break the window.
When a college professor writes you poetry and whispers about your tight little ass, do not take it as a compliment, do not wait, call the Dean, call his wife.
When a boy with good manners and a thirst for Budweiser proposes, say no.
When your mother hits you, do not strike back.
When the boys tell you how good you smell, do not doubt them, do not turn red.
When your brother tells you he is gay, pretend you already know.
When the girl on the subway curses you because your T-shirt reads: “I fucked your boyfriend,” assure her that it is not true.
When your dog pees the rug, kiss her, apologize for being late.
When he refuses to stay the night because you live in Jersey City, do not move.
When he refuses to stay the night because you live in Harlem, do not move.
When he refuses to stay the night because your air conditioner is broken, leave him.
When he refuses to keep a toothbrush at your apartment, leave him.
When you find the toothbrush you keep at his apartment hidden in the closet, leave him.
Do not regret this.
Do not turn red.
When your mother hits you, do not strike back.


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You’re Just My Fantasy

What I knew was only a little piece
Not the whole puzzle
Not the whole picture

Whom I knew of was only an image
Image of my own imagination
Image of my own dream and hope

How I knew when it was only in a short time period
How dare I claimed
How dare I could be
When you were you

But in my mind it was a perfect one
Perfect imagination
And here I’m lost
Lost in the fantasy
In delusion
‘Coz my fanciness stray me
From the reality
Of the real person
Of who you are


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Last Night

Last night
I was dreaming
Dreaming of you
You, the one
One that always there
There’s to reminds me over
Over and over again through it all
All that we’ve shared

Last night
You’ve came
Came sneaking in my sleep
Sleep, I was
Was and still is you never enough
Enough to torture me with memories
Memories that lay between us
Us as one then

Picture by : mollyzhang

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It’s Been Years

It’s been years
Since last time I met you
Talk with you
Pour down all the feelings between us

It’s been years
Since you gave me those devastating smile
Lulled me
And captivate me in the imaginary prison

It’s been years
When I finally moving forward
Put you behind
In the deep corner of my layer memories

It’s been years
And it’s over

Picture By : BarbarShadow

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A Fool Who Fall In Love

I knew he is the star in the sky
I knew he is the moon in the night
I knew he is the sun in the morning
I knew he is who he is
I knew

But still,
My heart never listened
My heart never give a damn with it
My heart ignores all the reasonable

And here I am
A foolishness
A fool who fall in love


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Wish U Happy B’Day

When Your Birthday Rolls Around
By : Karl Fuchs

Because you mean so much to me,
I celebrate your birth.
Sharing time and space with you,
Rings my bell for all it’s worth.

Whenever your birthday rolls around,
I contemplate once more,
How happy I am that you were born;
The thought makes my heart soar.

I wish your birthdays happened more,
So I could let you know,
How very much you mean to me,
And so I could tell you so!

-For my dearest friend, RedGirl, best of all-

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